I want change

In this fast-paced world, it´s easy to lose track of the things, that truly touch our heart. Things, that really speak to us. I want to change that.

I want more content that connects us, makes us smile and live to the fullest. Something meaningful, that makes us think and change perspective.

Conscious Content

I am striving to tell stories untold and focus on issues overlooked, always working on finding the bright and inspiring side.

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30 Days in Laos

What we saw & what we missed

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The Resilience of Cambodia

Generations overcoming their bitter Past

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Dark History of Cambodia

S21, Killing Fields & The Khmer Rouge

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Human Connection

Unexpected Encounter in The Floating Villages

Current Projects

I am always searching for special and unknown stories in the countries I travel. You can get a sneak peak of what is coming below and also find the next destination we go.


People from six continents and 50 different places of the world giving theier perspective on the meaning of freedom.

Status: Editing


I’m working on a film about Orangutan Conservation, the Rainforest (maybe Palm Oil), Indigenous People and Marine Conservation.

Status: Reviewing Footage


We visted this muslim country, that is applying sharia law during Ramadan and got a glance at the true face of Brunei.

Status: Reviewing Footage


Mount Ijen on the Island of Java is not only home to the largest acid lake of the world, but also a uniqe story of sulfur miners, which took fate in their own hand to change thier living circumstances.

There are no further concepts or ideas for other films in Indonesia yet. If you have a suggestion or hints on exceptional facts or untold stories, please shoot me an email or a DM on Instagram.

I would love it, if we make one of these films happpen together.