Explore & Create

Hi, my name is Wojtek. I’m a Traveler and Storyteller addicted to freedom.

There are a lot of things, I thought I used to be, but a year of travelling and an almost three day long mental breakdown – all alone, somewhere in India with a blocked credit card – made me understand and realize, what I really want from life and how much more is left in me.

Therefore I go out to explore and create daily.

Way of What?

Way of Pirate – Our journey on the ocean of life. Some may call my choice of words cheesy others romantic. I don’t care so much, as long as I can express myself and it feels right.

Yet, I view life as a journey indeed. It’s a long way, a process with ups and downs. Quite often more downs than ups. A lot of people label these downs problems; I’d like to call them challenges.

They are part of the way, part of the journey and overcoming them, is crucial to move on.

Everybody loses

Expect me to share the moments of my life, where I feel weak, stuck and drained. But don’t expect me to complain.

Everybody loses. I want you to know that. And I want you to know, that it’s okay. Embracing and acknowledging our shortcoming on the other hand, is hard.

The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem

Captain Jack Sparrow

I want to display the power of perspective and how changing it, can change your story and set you free.

Addicted to Freedom

We all are addicted to freedom.

And it’s almost irritating! Late in 2018 I started making a film about the meaning of freedom. I received footage and opinions on freedom from all over the globe. But one message, one perspective kept on repeating itself:

“I don’t know what freedom means to me…”

Isn’t that crazy?

Do you know, what freedom means for you? Did you ever think about it?

Rarely anyone does, while it is, what we are all striving for: Happiness and Freedom.

I just thought, it was about time, to figure it out.

So I started searching, documenting and telling stories I encounter on my journey.

Way of Pirate